Our History

On April 16, 2017, Adoration Corporation was introduced as a public relations, marketing and consulting agency for faith-based ministries and companies. Adoration Corporation was formed to reach out to provide promotional services to the faith-based community. Adoration Corporation publicizes and markets churches, sharing the wonderful things that these houses of worship are doing locally and nationally. Pastors, preachers, ministers, apostles and evangelists are also changing the world with their ministries. Religious organizations, Christian businesses and other faith-based companies are impacting lives as well. We have a passion to share this "good news".

We represent other entities as well including Christian bookstores, television stations, radio stations, schools, colleges, universities, music publishing companies, record labels and others. Adoration Corporation assists church music departments and other companies and organizations that are focused on sacred music, sharing their ministries. When it comes to family-friendly entertainment, Adoration Corporation promotes events including conventions, conferences and award shows. The company also plans to represent faith-based film studios and television production companies promoting visual presentations such as films and television programs.

Prior to the launch of Adoration Corporation, there was Tehillah Enterprises. The company, which focuses primarily on Gospel and Christian music, started in 1999 and shortly thereafter launched its first newsletter about Gospel music. The Gospel News Update was one of the first e-zines in Gospel music. In addition to writing the newsletter, Tehillah Enterprises' owner penned articles for Charisma Magazine, Gospel Today Magazine and Gospelcity.com. She also interviewed artists and wrote biographies and press releases for major label Gospel artists as well as indie artists. The company became a full-time public relations agency in 2006 when its owner, Andrea Rene' Williams, left the GRAMMY Awards, the most prestigious organization in music, to step out on faith and walk in her calling. Since that time, Tehillah Enterprises has expanded its services to include consulting, marketing, management, advertising and artist development. Tehillah has been instrumental in exposing and guiding the careers of numerous up-and-coming and established Gospel/Christian artists and ministries. Adoration Corporation was formed to step into the role of public relations, marketing and consulting agency for faith-based ministries and companies.